Ice-T Ordered To Pay Child Support

Rapper/actor Ice-T has been ordered to pay $4000

a month in child support after a DNA test proved him to be the father of a 15-month-old


Linda Marie Sanchez, a clerk for the New York

City Board of Education, sued the star of Law & Order: SVU for child support

after he initially declined being intimate with her.

The rapper turned actor-real name Tracy Marrow-waived

his right to a paternity trial once the DNA test revealed him to be the father

of the child, Kevin Marrow.

Sanchez, 27, met the entertainer in 2000 at Jimmy’s

Café, a popular eatery in the Bronx. She and her lawyer, Suzanne Kimberly

Bracker, originally sought $8000 a month in support, but a family court hearing

officer awarded only half that amount in a temporary arrangement pending the

outcome of a final support trial.

"We’re happy that Mr. Marrow has finally

admitted what he has known since Kevin was born, that he is the child’s father

and will be assuming financial responsibility for him as he should," Bracker

told the Associated Press.

Marrow, 45, told the court he earns about $25,000

for each of 22 episodes a year of his television show. He also lectures a few

times a year for about $5,000 to $10,000 per appearance and is starting a new

clothing line called Ice Wear. Sanchez reported taking in close to $600 every

two weeks in her position as a clerical worker.

May 1 will be the next Family Court appearance

for Ice-T and Sanchez.

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