Amil Happy With Independence

Former Roc-A-Fella rapper Amil is working on

material for her second album, which will be released independently with national

distribution. She said that she has finished the majority of her untitled 13-song


"I aint talking about money, cars or killing

n*ggas on this joint," Amil told "This album is just

realer [than the last CD]."

The album will be released through indie production

company, Bell Ringers. The Bell Ringers consist of former producers from Murder


While Amil is no longer backed by a major, she

said that she happy with her current independent status.

"I’m basically in control of the creative

side of it all so I can truly say I have the most control of my project,"

Amil continued. "I can never see myself working for a label that’s telling

me which direction to go in. I feel artist need to be themselves that’s what

makes them an artist."

Amil said that the untitled album would drop

nationwide sometime in 2003.

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