Hi-Tek Seeks Out Talent, Readies New Album

Producer Hi-Tek is hosting a talent search, throughout

the Midwest. Taking place at the Cincinnati Convention Center, the search will

include a panel of judges including executives from Def Jam and MCA.

"I just look for originality, something

that catches my ear, somebody that believes in themselves," Hi-Tek told

AllHipHop.com. "I don’t care if it’s comedy. If its original and different,

I’m with it."

Tek said that over 300 people had signed up hoping

to be discovered. 12 people will make it to the finals, where one person will

emerge victorious.

While Tek said that he wanted to give back to

the Midwest area from which he hails, he said that the winner should be prepared

to work hard to make his or her career take off.

"What I did is I got outta the ‘Nati (Cincinnati).

I was riding on a Greyhound [bus] with a 20-pound MPC. It don’t matter. If it’s

your career, nobody is going to give you anything."

The competition is open to all genres of music

and will be featured on the local UPN television network. Advertisements will

run locally BET and MTV stations as well.

The event takes place March 1 at 8PM. Tickets

are $16.50 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster or by calling: 513.721.6100.

In related news, Hi-Tek is preparing to release

Hi-Teknology, Volume 2. So far the album features guest appearances from Snoop

Dogg, Slum Village, Jonell, Mos Def, Raphael Saddiq and a variety of upcoming


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