Suge Knight Gets Jail Release

Tha Row’s commander-in-chief Suge Knight was released from a California state prison after serving 61 days for alleged parole violations.

In lieu of further jail time, the rap magnate was ordered to perform 200 hours of anti-gang community service. The court could have pushed for the CEO to serve up to a year in jail for associating with “known gang members,” a violation of his parole terms. The CEO stated, in the past, that the alleged violations were a part of his hip-hop job duties. Since, a court has stated that he can only deal with any member of a “gang” during normal business hours or it breaks the terms of parole.

Initially, the state Board of Prison Terms alleged that had illegal relationships with gang bangers, finally dropped the charges against him, save community service.

Knight finishes parole in April of 2004.

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