Bo Diddley Says Rap Music Won’t Last

Pioneering bluesman Bo Diddley had some choice

words to say about hip-hop music last Thursday.

Speaking to high school students Dunnellon High

School near Diddley’s home in Archer, Florida, the 74-year-old Diddley labeled

rap "disgusting" and said that it would not last as long as his 50

year career has.

"The lyrics are very disgusting because

you are a person, and a person deserves respect," he said. "I have

daughters, my mother was a woman, and I don’t like what I’m hearing."

Diddley did stress the importance of hard, legal

work, no matter what way the students decide to earn their living.

"You’ve got to hustle, man," he said.

"There’s a legal way to hustle."

Diddley played a crucial role in the birth of

Rock & Roll. Diddley was the recipient of the National Academy of Recording

Arts and Sciences prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award (1998) Grammy.

Diddley recently released a CD single, "We

Are American, We Aren’t Scared Of You."

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