Eminem Hosts ‘8 Mile’ Contest, Party

Eminem will host an “8 Mile DVD Launch Party” in his hometown of Detroit,

Michigan on March 13th. The party celebrates the DVD release of Eminem’s critically acclaimed box office smash.

Xzibit, D-12 and others are scheduled to peform at the event, which will take place at St. Andrews Hall in the rapper’s native land.

In support of the event, radio stations across the country are holding freestyle rap battle contests to gather a national pool of competition. The winners from each market will be flown to Detroit to attend the launch party.

Then, the real festivities begin. Each emcee will face off in an enormous rap battle, which will be hosted by “8 Mile” co-star Mekhi Phifer and Proof from D-12.

The grand prizewinner will record a demo at the renowned Record

Plant Recording Studios in Hollywood, California, courtesy of Universal


The rap battle starts at 5:00 PM and the party will follow afterwards.

Battle expert and legendary Juice Crew member Craig G was plucked to judge a rap battle, which can only be seen on the latest DVD version of “8-Mile.”

“When it was time to do the movie, there was a few acting things, like ‘how do we coach these people to do this,’ Craig said to AllHipHop.com. “And he just picked me, so I went out there, jumped it off

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