Tribe Called Quest Still In Talks For Reunion

Fans of A Tribe Called Quest may see their wish

for a reunion granted, provided that group can see eye to eye with their record

label, Jive Records.

"Every label has their faults and every

artist has their faults to a point," Phife told Gabriel Dance during an

interview with the Rocky Mountain Collegian. "But with Jive we could barely

even see eye-to-eye. We owe them another album under our contract, though, so

it’ll be with them."

Phife is doing shows with another member, Gerobi.

He said that the group was in contact with one another and that the possibilities

of a reunion are good.

"We’re talking about it but we haven’t spoken

with Jive Records. The one thing that’s for sure is that it’ll be on Jive Records

’cause we owe them one more album," "Everybody would love to do another

album; it’s just getting everything together."

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