Poe Boy Records: Doing It Independently

Miami based Poe Boy Records hopes is ready to

release their hip-hop and R&B acts nationwide and completely independent.

"Frankly we don’t care if we get picked

up by a major label," CEO E-Class said. "The philosophy at Poe Boy

Records is ‘the boutique label pays for their own music production and sells

records through an independent distributor thus making the artist and the label

more money than that of a major label deal’".

E Class said that the label has employed various

marketing techniques already to raise awareness of the label, including covering

shuttle buses, vans, stickers, snipes and ads in major publications.

The label has already recorded their artists

with Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, Fat Joe and others.

Cognito, the first rapper on the label, is on

tour now supporting his album Tru Cognizance, which is in stores now.

The label is planning releases from Rodney, JaBez and female rapper Jackie O.

"We aren’t about to be ignored," E-Class


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