RZA Gets Ready For W.A.R.

Wu-Tang’s RZA is preparing to go to W.A.R., in

the form of his new album, The World According To RZA, a long anticipated

collaboration of European and US artists.

RZA said that in recording the album, he traveled

through various European countries seeking out grass roots hip-hop artists,

giving them some of the renowned producer’s best beats.

The album, which was supposed to be released

in 2001, will also be accompanied by a companion DVD and features IAM, Saian

Supa Crew, Ghostface, Articolo 31, Dido, Petter, and Xavier Naidoo.

RZA is currently working with Metallica drummer

Lars Ulrich and is scoring the film to "Kill Bill," a new Quentin

Tarantino flick.

W.A.R: The World According To RZA hits

stores April 28.

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