Ludacris’ Lyrics Stir Up More Controversy

Ludacris’ lyrics are stirring up controversy

again, this time in Columbia, South Carolina.

The Columbia City Council heard both sides of

a debate over whether or not the rapper was appropriate to perform at the 3

Rivers Music Festival, which receives almost $250,000 in support from the city.

"What I am opposed to is using our tax dollars

to support this band," said one attendee of the debate.

Organizer Fred Monk said that Ludacris’ management

said the rapper wouldn’t use profanity during his performance.

"If you look at these lyrics, every other

word is unclean. How could there be a radio version?" a man snarled.

Monk said that children wouldn’t even see the

rapper. Ludacris will perform after 10:30 on a Friday night and said that it

if anyone showed to see the rapper, it would be by choice.

Not all were anti-Luda. "Ludacris is an

artist a lot of people like, and it should be a choice if you want to see him,"

another attendee said.

Other artists performing include Doctor John,

B.B. King, The Ohio Players, the Donnas, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Lakeside,

Mother’s Finest and others.

The festival is scheduled for April 4-6 in Columbia’s

Congaree Vista.

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