Royce Da 5’9: Airs It All Out

AHH: In the past week, all Hell has broken loose

in the media and the Internet, just tell me what your reaction is to the way

everyone responded to you specifically?

Royce: It was bound to happen. Those brothers

obviously doing what they gotta do to get they attention. It’s just a situation

where I’m defending myself. What the people expect? From the way people

responded, from what I hear, the overall opinion is just…I smashed them. It

don’t surprise me.

AHH: “Malcolm X” is getting crazy airplay

in the streets. It’s kind of a shame that you’re record gets overlooked


the hype of a diss track.

Royce: Know what? The diss is fresh and new.

My album, what people don’t understand is that my album is years

old. It got pushed back so much and it was already old material. The diss is

like catch up to everybody. It’s like

something I just did. If you hear the new stuff I’m doing, you’ll

be like, oh it’s crazy. I came along so far. I been

developing. Let me clarify, “Malcolm X” is a response. It’s not

just a record thrown at them, it’s a response to a

record that they did. It just so happens that the record they did, nobody cares

about. I didn’t start this sh*t.

AHH: When I spoke with Proof, he acted like it

was all you who initiated it.

Royce: He gonna make it look like that. The reality

of it was, I look up and I was getting phone calls on this record about me.

I heard it, and actually they made a whole CD about me, Ja Rule and Benzino.

So it was a whole CD that they was passing out a 50’s release party. I

didn’t even know where it was from. I just responded. This is whatever.

All kinds of death threats and all kinds of stupid sh*t.

AHH: From your letter, I gathered that this was

from a journalist, the comment of “D-12 is the worst Rap group

out there” or whatever, and that got out. That probably didn’t need

to get out there.

Royce: Exactly. Well, I’m a man, I’m

human. Even I get emotional and say sh*t that I don’t necessarily mean


that I shouldn’t say. I’m a man. I can admit when I say something.

But it’s a two way street. I said things, D-12

said things, when it boils down to it, if I got personal relationships with

certain people in that camp, and it’s just

like mixed signals when I’m saying sh*t and they’re saying sh*t. It

ain’t nothing we can’t get on the phone and talk

about or meet up and talk about, squash. I didn’t know I was being recorded.

It just came off as some sh*t as when Bizzarre was trying to play me. It really

boils down to me and Bizarre.

AHH: So it’s more-so Bizarre than Proof?

Royce: Hell nah! Cuz [Proof] the one runnin’

his mouth. Proof won’t shut up. If he’d shut up, I’d leave him


He figure he gotta be the one to say everything, and he supposed to be my man.

And it just make more angry

because I feel like nigga done turned his back on me. It’s like whatever.

I feel like I’m in a world of my own. I’m

gonna ride for myself. Everything I do is in defense. I’m not just gonna

pick on them dudes.

AHH: You mentioned in your letter that you and

Proof go back…

Royce: Proof was my man. I’m loyal. Once

I decide I’ll ride for you, I’ll ride for you. All of this sh*t just

popped up

out of nowhere. Back in the day, when I wrote that record about Bizarre, I called

Proof at the studio like I said in

the letter. Because that’s my man. I had been 2-waying him while they was

making the CD. And he didn’t say

nothing. He could’ve called me and been like, “These n*ggas are writing

a record about you”, like I did him. Send

me the same courtesy. He didn’t do that. I was 2-waying him and I was getting

dry responses from him. Next thing you know, a CD is out. He [was] at every

studio session, because some of the n*ggas talking on the CD like, “I send

some more gangsta sh*t but Proof sent me back in the booth to change it.”

He was in the studio while they was doing it, and just ain’t say nothing.

I get 2-ways from him sayin’, “Be careful out here, it’s trying

times,” sh*t like that. What the f*ck you thinking of nigga! Now that the

sh*t is hitting the fan, he writes records talking bout, “Royce wanna ride

on me and kill me.” I don’t wanna kill Proof. I don’t even feel

like Proof is a threat. This sh*t is stupid to me. The respect that I showed

him back in the day, I’m not getting that in return.

AHH: He made several comments, and I’ll

pass them on to you….comment if you like. He said the original diss

record was three years old…you talking about D-12 or whatever.

Royce: Yeah. I wrote a record about Bizarre.

I called Proof at the studio. He heard the whole record. He said,

“Royce man, I love you dog. I appreciate you showing enough respect to

call me at the studio. Slim need to hear

this.” He didn’t sh*t about Bizarre. He was like, “Slim need

to hear this.” He didn’t care if it came out. Slim was

like, “Nah man, you can’t beef with Bizarre. That’s my man. That’s

my crew. You gotta ride with him.” So we

squashed it. And I’m a man of my word so nobody ever heard the record for

three years to show how real I am. So when they did this record, they sayin’

I’m trying to gain attention or whatever. But they did a whole CD, passed

it out at the 50 release party, and the next day they world premiered it on

the biggest radio station here. So who the f*ck trying to get attention? All

this stuff came out of nowhere. So the next day I felt like I had to go to the

radio with something. And all I had was that diss record that was three years

old. So I took that up there, wrote a new record, they played that on the air.

[D-12] got all upset. Before I could even get to the club, they went to the

club and jumped on one of my mans who didn’t know what was going on, didn’t

even know I was at the radio station. This is why I’m saying f*ck a truce.

You already done put your hands on somebody. The sober you is responsible for

the drunk you. That’s my motto. Proof runnin’ around saying I started

everything. Number one, I didn’t put my hands on nobody. I ain’t did

nothing to nobody. If they just wanted to go back and forth with me on records,

we could’ve did that. Proof done already took it to the streets so now

it is what it is.

AHH: Proof mentioned that he didn’t need

any help getting signed. But he said you depended on Emimem for all

three of your deals.

Royce: I put it like this: Number one, Proof

can’t even rhyme. I like him more as a person than I like him on the

mic. He can freestyle, but when he get on a track, he sound like garbage. Without

Eminem, he’s nothing. I’m

running through deals right now. I might get three more. I don’t even know

what my future holds. But I keep

getting them, ‘cuz at the end of the day, I can rhyme. Em can do anything

he can do to prevent me from going

forward and I’m still gonna make it. I be around after he retire. I’m

twenty five years old. Them motherf*ckas is

knocking on thirty’s door. So I don’t give a f*ck what Proof talking

about. Who is Proof? Soon as Em decide he

gonna retire, [Proof] gonna retire. The hype-man sh*t is up. What you gonna

make a solo record? The Dogmatik

record? Look at the sh*t he done tried to do on his own. He can’t get Em

on a record. What did I tell you? Least I

got [Em] for a hook.

AHH: In our last interview we were talking about

your brother, Tre Little who appears on the Malcolm track. How

is he dealing with this. I mean to debut on a diss track.

Royce: This is not like a publicity stunt for

us. ‘Cuz if it was, my whole crew would be making records. Records

would be flying all over the place. The only reason Tre appears on the record

is because they mention Tre on their

record. Why you putting Tre up? What the f*ck he got to do with anything? So

of course he gonna get on the track and defend himself. If they had mentioned

anybody else in my crew, they would have been on the record too. We just givin’

it to them like they tryin’ to give it to us. We know that they gonna try

to make it look like this is Royce trying to fuel everything. But if you look

at it dog, what the f*ck do I stand to gain by that? What can I gain by going

against Shady Records? The game is Shady Records right now. Why would I go against

them? I think Em is the illest motherf*cker rhyming. Why would I go against

Em? It just don’t add up.

AHH: You said earlier, “f*ck a truce,”

but in the letter you hinted a resolution. Is that possible?

Royce: I would like for the street sh*t to end

because I see where it’s going. People gonna hurt, some people might even

get killed. But as far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to see nothing

happen to no D-12 member. Because I don’t hate none of them. I don’t

hate nobody in the streets right now. Proof, I definitely don’t want to

see nothing happen to because there will always be a place in my heart for DeShawn

Hope. But when this motherf*cker turn into Dirty Hary, he turns into somebody

else. After a couple drinks, he becomes somebody else. They already put their

hands on somebody. The nigga that they put they hands on, he don’t rhyme.

So he can’t control what he do. So as far as Royce. I’m gonna continue

my music. If I see Proof and I feel like smacking him, I’m might smack

him. But I don’t want it to get serious like that. The cards is gonna fall

where they will. I know if they twelve deep and they see me, they gonna do something.

If I see Proof, all that tough sh*t he talkin’, when I look in his face,

when we eye to eye. all that changes, trust me.

AHH: The last thing Proof told me, he wanted

me to repeat to you directly, “Only a fool chooses war over peace.

Because in war, fathers bury sons. And in peace, sons bury fathers.”

Royce: Well you tell Proof that’s real deep

and mythological and all that, and if you talk to him again, tell him

[that] he knows me. I ain’t itching for war. Who the f*ck want to go war?

I ain’t George Bush. You tell him I’ll

defend myself. He talkin’ peace now, but when he with his n*ggas, he talking

war too. I‘m built for whatever he

want to do. Ain’t nobody looking for Proof. If I was looking for Proof,

I would have been at his doorstep. He

over-dramatize sh*t, it ain’t sh*t. Lyrically, they can’t f*ck with

me. And in the streets, they can’t f*ck with me.

Proof will have an Electric Koolaide Acid

Test mixtape hitting the streets this week. Royce’s double CD mix is

out now. Also, expect a Proof LP this Summer, D-12 in Fall. Koch Records will

be releasing a Royce mix CD soon as well.

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