Sources: Murder Inc. Expelled From Universal’s Offices

According to sources, Murder Inc. was expelled

from Def Jam Universal’s offices today.

If true, the expulsion puts an exclamation point

on growing tensions between the label and Def Jam.

The most likely reason for the split is due to

an investigation into Murder Inc. and whether or not the label was laundering

Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff’s profits from drug sales.

Both Murder Inc. and McGriff are subjects of

a federal investigation and are also being investigated as possible suspects

in the murder of Jam Master Jay.

"All the slick talk in the world don’t mean

shit if you end up on your head," a source told "THEY

know something or they wouldn’t be flipping on this cat like this. WE emphasize

talk while the white man speaks with his actions."

Sources also said that Murder Inc. affiliates

are being investigated for several murders in Queens, including that of E-Money

Bags, another Queen’s rapper.

E-Money Bags and three other men allegedly pistol

whipped and assaulted Ja-Rule’s manager at a birthday party for Irv Gotti in


Six months later, two of the four were found

dead, one being E-Money Bags.

Irv Gotti has also taken several shots at Def

Jam’s CEO, Lyor Cohen, most recently in the New York Post.

In that article Gotti said "I make a lot

of money for Lyor, he better listen to me."

That statement came during a trial in which Gotti

held up the recording of the Cash Money Cliq album that was to feature Ja-Rule

for indie label TVT.

TVT is suing Gotti and Def Jam for damages.

In February, Murder Inc. Records executive Chris

Gotti, brother of Murder Inc. was found shot in the leg near the courtyard of

Vivendi/Universal’s offices in Manhattan.

Murder Inc. affialiates are also the main suspects

in the shooting of Violator Records midtown offices as well as the shooting

of Busta Rhyme’s SUV last month.

While Rhymes is not involved in any known dispute

with Murder Inc., he is managed by Violator.

Def Jam refused to comment on any of the allegations.

Murder Inc. was not available despite repeated phone calls to their

office. As of presstime, an answering machine message stated that they

are still housed in the Def Jam offices.

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