Eminem: $40 Million Dollar Man

Hip-Hop phenomenon turn movie star, Eminem, has

set yet another record, this time in the world of DVD’s.

In only its first day of release, Eminem’s "8

Mile" DVD sold more than 2 million copies and broke the single day DVD

sales record for an R-rated film.

The DVD’s sales raked in a whopping $40 million

on its very first day of release.

"We are thrilled that the day one results

have greatly exceeded our expectations. The ‘8 Mile’ DVD is showing the same

momentum as ‘The Fast and the Furious’ DVD, which went on to rank among the

top-ten selling DVDs of 2002," said Craig

Kornblau, President of Universal Studios Home Video.

Containing new rap battles and available in censored

and uncensored versions, the "8 Mile" DVD also exclusively includes

Eminem new music video Superman.

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