Snoop Sued Over Answering Machine Message

An answering machine message has gotten Snoop

Dogg into trouble for the second time. According to court documents, the rapper

is being sued by a man only known as "Joh Doe," in Los Angeles Superior


Doe, who resides in Compton, California, claims

that Snoop used his voice unauthorized on "Pimp Slapp’d," which appears

on Snoop’s album, Paid Tha Cost To Be Tha Boss.

The song is a diss to Death Row CEO Suge Knight.

When Doe asked why Snoop used the answering machine message, Snoop allegedly

replied "because it was so real."

"Unfortunately, it is so real that the Plaintiff

now fears for his life and that of his elderly mother because it appears that

he, as a Compton resident (where a rival of Broadus [Snoop], Suge Knight, apparently

has a lot of pull and is feared) is supporting Broadus in the turf war. "

The complaint does not say how much monetary

damages Doe seeks, but Doe is seeking to have the message taken off of all future

copies of Paid Tha Cost To Be Tha Boss and any future singles.

Snoop Dogg already settled out of court for $75,000

in a case involving an 80 year-old woman. In that case, her answering machine

message about Marijuana use was taped anuthorized.

The song appeared on the introduction to "No

Limit,’ the 13th song on Magic’s 1998 album, Sky’s the Limit.

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