Jay-Z, Nas Two Of The Top 50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers

Jay-Z and Nas have been named two of the top

50 most hated New Yorker’s according to a poll taken by The New York Press.

"These endlessly feuding rappers should

be merged to form one, giant, illiterate organism called Notorious S.U.C.K.,"

the New York Press said. "Either that, or they should stop pretending and

jump into bed together already. In a naked attempt to recapture the marketing

magic of the Tupac-Biggie war—only minus the crowd-pleasing deaths of the

principals—the two lackluster rappers spent years trading various asinine

threats and insults, culminating in Jay-Z’s inspired crack about leaving

"condoms in tha baby seat" and Nas’ passionate cry, "How

could Nas be garbage? Semi-autos at your cartilege" [sic]."

Both rappers appeared on the first annual’s 50

Most Loathsome New Yorkers list. The rappers placed in the top 50 with such

names as Carson Daly, Naomi Campbell, Carson Daly, Edgar Bronfman, Woody Allen

and political consultant, Henry Kissinger.

"It was lame if it was all an act,"

the New York Press continued. "It was even lamer if they were serious."

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