Ras Kass Is Still On The Run, And Selling T-Shirts?

While Priority Records’ recording artist Ras

Kass remains a fugitive from justice, that hasn’t slowed him down any in his

campaign to procure a release from his recording contract.

Aside from recent freestyle releases, such as

"R.A.S.," a boisterous declaration of his freedom from Priority Records

set to the beat from Noreaga’s "N.O.R.E.," Ras Kass has expanded his

attack against his former label to include an online petition demanding his


The petition, which was initiated by, and can

be located at, www.raskass-central.com has already received an enormous amount

of support, to the tune of over 1,500 signatures in less than just three weeks.

"For people to take the time out to do that, it motivates me to keep fighting,

so I really appreciate it" Ras Kass told Allhiphop.com. Representatives

from raskass-central.com estimate that with additional media coverage of the

petition, it should easily exceed 10,000 signatures within the coming month.

And taking a cue from The LOX "Let The

LOX Go" campaign to disengage themselves from Bad Boy back in ’99, Ras

Kass has decided to take his "Free Ras Kass" campaign to t-shirts.

Within the next week, said t-shirts will be made available for sale at raskass-central.com.

"I love what The LOX did," says Ras of this method of leveraging one’s

label, "Public opinion makes m*th*f*ckas wanna act."

Action is what Ras is hoping to elicit from

Priority Records so that he may pursue his solo career elsewhere. However, erroneous

reports have stated that Ras will be relocating to Daz’ DPG label. "I ain’t

even hollered at Daz," clarifies Ras. Additional reports have placed Ras

Kass at Tha Row and even Def Jam, but nothing has been confirmed at this time.

Until Ras Kass can obtain his much sought after

release from Priority Records, the waterproof MC plans to hit the mixtape circuit

with his own creation, which will either be titled "Catch Me If You Can"

or "Alive From Nowhere."

While Ras didn’t authorize the recent DJ

Lt. Dan "On The Run" mixtape featuring hard-to-find Ras Kass white

label songs and freestyles, he does however see the album as another useful

tool in drawing attention to his cause to motivate his label to release him.

And for anyone who is already growing weary

of the "Free Ras Kass" campaign blitz; be prepared to be inundated

with it for some months to come. In addition to an online petition, t-shirts,

and mixtapes, Ras is gearing up for his first official independent release this

summer entitled Ras Kass Presents…The Re-Up, which will feature Ras alongside

his protégé Scipio, and features never before heard Ras collabos

with Memphis Bleek, Twista, and The LOX.

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