KRS Taps New Comer Peedo For “KRStyle”

KRS-One is preparing to release his latest album,

KRStyle. The first single off the veteran’s album will be a track titled

"Do You Want It," which features new comer Peedo.

Hailing from Miami, Florida Peedo is a member

of the Luna Empire, an independent based record label and crew. The crew put

out an independent album, Time To Go, which moved an impressive 4,000

copies on the street and

through their lunaempire website.

"It’s hard work but it has to be done. The

street team we have is incredible. Hard working soldiers and we ain’t goin to

stop til the platinum pops," Peedo told

Peedo hooked up with KRS-One by chance, after

the MTV MC Battle fiasco. Peedo’s producer Gato, saw KRS-One walking down the

street. KRS caught the vibe of the hungry producer and invited them to the recording


"I was upset thinking that I came to NYC

for nothing. The next day, I received a phone call from my producer, cousin

Gato. He tells me he just met KRS-One in the street while working for Fed Ex.

After talking for about 20 minutes, KRS-One invited us to the studio that same

night and that’s how the magic began," Peedo said.

After previewing some of the Gato’s beats, Peedo

freestyled for the Blastmaster and played his EP, which impressed KRS-One enough

to offer him a slot on the album.

"I’m still in shock til this day I can’t

believe it went down like that!" the rapper continued.

A video for the track featuring KRS is scheduled

to be shot soon according to group members and they are preparing to tour with

KRS as well.

"We feel honored to be working with a legend

in Hiphop and in music period. We are blessed with this opportunity and proud

to be representing our people in this culture," CEO Lee Luna added.

KRStyle is slated for a June 24 release on Koch.

Here is a partial tracklisting:

1. It’s All the Same Now

2 . It Will Come Back

3 . Interlude

4 . Somebody Gotta Be Somebody

5 . Gotta Keep Moving

6 . K.R.S.

7 . My People

8. Do You Want It (feat. Peedo)

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