Eminem, Russell Simmons To Host Detroit Hip-Hop Summit

Eminem will host the largest Hip-Hop Summit ever

held in the city of Detroit next Saturday (April 26), along with Detroit Mayor

Kwame Kilpatrick, the Detroit branch of the NAACP and radio station FM 98 WJLB.

"For me, Detroit symbolizes hip-hop in a

lot of different ways," Eminem said. "Everybody who’s been involved

in Detroit hip-hop culture here has spent years trying to bring light to the

city the same way Russell worked to bring hiphop to the attention of the world.

And the same way the Mayor is working to put Detroit back in the spotlight.

It’s the struggle to be heard and to be recognized. It’s our time, both hip-hop’s

and Detroit’s."

Simmons announced today that the HSAN will co-sponsor

the Summit, which will be held at Detroit’s Cobo Arena, which will hold 13,000

patrons. The Summit will be free to the public on a first come, first serve


Participants include Shady Records President

Paul Rosenberg, Slum Village, Def Jam President Kevin Liles, Redman, Method

Man, Cam’ron and the Diplomats, Keith Murray, Capone-N-Noreaga, the DOC, Doug

E. Fresh and others.

The theme of the Detroit’s Summit will be "Remix:

Rebuilding…Refocusing…Reinvesting…Resurgence." The primary focus

is utilizing hip-hop for youth empowerment.

Economic, political, social impact and strategies

for youth empowerment will all be discussed.

The Summit is being held in conjunction with

the Detroit branch of NAACP’s Freedom Weekend. During the weekend, Simmons will

be honored by the NAACP with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his work with


"Our commitment is to help empower the

youth of today, who are the most gifted and talented generation of young people

that we’ve ever been blessed to have," Simmons said. "Assembling in

Detroit, amidst its rebirth under a dynamic, young 32 year old hip-hop Mayor,

is a great tribute to the power of hip-hop," asserted Russell Simmons.

General information on the Detroit Hip-Hop Summit

can be obtained by going to www.hiphopsummitactionnetwork.org


On April 26, on site registration for the Detroit

Hip-Hop Summit will be from 8-10a.m. at Cobo Arena, located at One Washington

Blvd,. Detroit, Michigan.

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