New Company Tracks Rappers Brand Name Dropping

A 33-year-old man has started a company, American

Brandstand, that counts and tracks all the brand name dropping done in songs

that appear on hip-hop radio.

After listening to songs by Jay-Z, 50 Cent and

Lil’ Kim, Lucian James noticed a reoccurring theme: Mercedes Benz.

So James, a brand strategist based in San Francisco,

started counting how many times brand names were being said in rhymes and recorded

the information.

Soon after, he discovered Benz was the number

one brand mentioned followed by Burberry, which was second by large margin he


Burberry, the plaid printed fabric, however has

not embraced hip-hop and it remains to be seen how the tracked information will

affect their decision to distance themselves away from the music.

Cars brands, on the other hand, appear willing

to consult with American Brandstand. James told that several automakers

have contacted him wanting to know how hip-hoppers perceive their brands or

what it meant when they were mentioned in songs.

Though he will not disclose the names of the

auto makers who have contacted him, James, who does all the tracking himself,

plans to make public the tallies of his tracking, as he will issue periodic

reports once he gathers a larger mass of information.

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