Murder Inc May Have Paid ‘Supreme;’ Inc Denies Wrong

As investigations are underway probing the relationship between Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff and Murder Inc., sources close to the federal investigation say the label put McGriff on their payroll under a phony name when the former Queens drug lord was released from prison.

In a report by the LA Times, Chuck Philips (the writer who wrote B.I.G. plotted ‘Pac’s murder) revealed McGriff allegedly gave a fictitious name when he was arrested for a parole violation and claimed he was an employee of Def Jam; the name was supposedly the one he was being paid under.

An affidavit filed by the investigators who were responsible for the raid of the Murder Inc. offices also asserts McGriff may have played a role in the stabbing of 50 Cent outside of the Hit Factory in 2000.

Representatives for McGriff and Gotti have previously denied any wrongdoing.

“Supreme paid his debt to society,” Cohen told in the past. “He was simply trying to get into business. All of a sudden everybody gets broadsided with this.”

“I know Irv’s situation, I know all the details,” Cohen said. “The feds have been investigating this for 4 months. They have every bit of information and I don’t think they will find any wrongdoing. Irv is not a criminal.”

While Feds are investigating speculation that McGriff supplied Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti with start up money for the label, the raid of the label’s offices turned up paperwork which allegedly indicates Gotti supplied McGriff with a salary and travel expenses.

As investigations deepen, authorities have widened their search to include the Island Def Jam and Vivendi Universal Music Group offices.

Though McGriff, currently jailed in Baltimore for the aforementioned parole violation, and Gotti were unavailable for comment, the label has struck back with Ja Rule’s latest video “The Reign,” directed by Gotti. The clip includes a reenactment of the January raid and features actual letters the FBI sent to the label, which the FBI were none to pleased to see included in the video.

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