Busta Rhymes Formally Charged With Assault

Busta Rhymes was formally charged with assault

in a Massachusetts court yesterday.

Celine Giguere, 21, claims that Rhymes slammed

her head into a table after she touched him on the chin during a Dec. 2002 performance

at a local club.

The complaint alleges that Rhymes then grabber

her by her hair and said, "If you try touching me again, I’ll kill you."

He then allegedly grabber her by her hair and

slammed her head into a table. Rhymes lawyer disputed the facts and denied the

charges, claiming it’s an attempt to get into Busta’s pockets.

"It’s an absurd complaint. As far as

we’re concerned — it’s a money grab. The sister (of Giguere) was

heard to say ‘Now we can make a million dollars,’ " Kalina told

the Herald News.

"He’s innocent, totally innocent. Busta’s

innocent and he’s defending himself every which way."

Interestingly, Giguere, who brought the complaint

against Rhymes, was also charged with assault and battery and will be arraigned

on the same date as the rapper.

"Police found there was no injury. Busta

was signing autographs for 20 minutes outside. The police were there and there

was no complaint. The police know this is not true," Kalina said. "It’s

her own admission that she assaulted and battered Busta, so they’re filing

a complaint about that."

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