Eminem Rejects Weird Al’s Video

Professional parody king "Weird Al" Yankovic’s

hopes of filming a video for his version of "Lose Yourself," were shot

down by Eminem, who agreed to have his song spoofed, but nixed the notion of a


Yankovic, who has filmed videos for his takes

on Michael Jackson’s "I’m Bad" and Coolio’s "Gansta’s Paradise,"

said the rejection was the first in his 20-year career.

"It’s just very disappointing for me obviously

because it was going to be an amazing video," he said.

"Weird Al" went on to say that Em

was against a video because, "It would somehow detract from his legacy

or make him seem like a less serious hip-hop artist, I’m not sure."

With Eminem passing, perhaps "Weird Al"

could call Nelly instead, who also agreed to have one of his songs done.

Both tracks will be featured on Yankovic’s upcoming

set, Poodle Hat due May 20 via Way Moby/Volcano Records.

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