1982 Lawsuit May Help Eminem

Eminem is scheduled to appear in a Macomb County,

Michigan court beginning May 30th, to defend himself against defamation charges

stemming from his 1999 track, "Brain Damage," on his Slim Shady


DeAngelo Bailey, 32, of Warren claims that Em’s

references to Bailey constantly tormenting and beating him on the song are false.

Eminem will most likely point to a 1982

lawsuit filed by his mother, Debbie


Mathers sued the local school board for failing

to protect her 10-year-old son from Bailey during a four month period that Eminem

attended Dort Elementary School.

The complaint says that as a result of the beatings

administered by Bailey, Eminem suffered nausea and abnormal sleepiness, nightmares,

vomiting and antisocial behavior and possible brain damage.

The complaint detailed various injuries, including

a concussion and sought $10,000 from Bailey.

Mathers complaint was eventually dismissed on

grounds of governmental immunity.

Bailey’s lawsuit claims that Eminem did permanent

damage to his musical career and caused him anger, embarrassment and is seeking

over $1 million dollars.

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