Remedy, Killah Priest Perform In Israel

Wu-Tang family members Remedy and Killah Priest

recently performed in Israel, despite international terror warnings and a recent

string of suicide bombings that ripped through various cities this week.

The duo performed in Israel at the request of

Luke Brenowitz, an employee of the Israeli consulate in New York. The trip was

meant to rally support for Israel.

Cappadonna was initially reported to go on the

tour, but decided not to go because of conditions in the state.

"He was simply afraid,” Remedy told Israeli

daily Haaretz. "Killah Priest and I went on a performance tour with him

all over the world, but he gave Israel a pass. We know that the situation here

now isn’t good, but want to feel exactly like the Israelis: To continue no matter

what, to show that life continues."

Remedy, who performs all over the world, actively

acknowledges his Jewish roots. He recorded a song titled "Never Again,"

which was included on RZA’s 1999 compilation album, The Swarm.

"I understand that the Israel-Palestinian

conflict is the main focus of the debate between right and left in Israel,"

he continued. "I’m in favor of a Palestinian state, but in one of the Arab

countries. I don’t understand why the Palestinians are supposed to live in part

of the State of Israel. They are an unfortunate people, because they don’t interest

anyone. The Arab countries want to maintain their suffering in order to use

them. That’s a tragedy, the situation of the Palestinians is like that of the

Jews before the establishment of the state, and they have to establish a state,

but in a suitable place."

Remedy’s latest album, titled Code: Red,

in reference to the highest state of alert in the Homeland Security terror warning

system, is in stores now.

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