Early Eminem Videotape Surfaces On Ebay

Fans of Eminem may have an opportunity to see the superstar before he rocketed to the heights of the entertainment business.An unknown former acquaintance of Eminem is auctioning off rare performances, studio performances, his first recording at Prince’s Paisley Park Studios and even Eminem picking his nose and eating his own boogers for a cool $100,000.“Watch Eminem battle himself to prove his rhyming skills, but instead he is booed off the stage,” the auction page reads. “Watch as crowds of hundreds of people chant “F%$k that Honky! Buck that Honky!”The tape boasts of two full performances of Eminem at Centerline High School and Lake View High School!“If you wish to become the next Joe Francis, and put out your own ‘Eminem Gone Wild’ type video now is your chance,” the page continues.“If you are a magazine publisher, TV producer, or any type of media outlet this is your chance to get some real material on the hip-hop artist Eminem. Imagine having a freeze frame of this footage for the cover of your magazine.”To view or bid on the auction, visit the following link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3329392457

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