Skillz Headed To Interscope

After reports surfaced that MCA would be folded into Interscope Records

because of MCA’s decline in sales over the past years, it seems

that the transition is now underway.

“I got the call and they said ‘you know everybody at Interscope is excited…I

said, ‘Interscope? Why are people at Interscope excited about me?,” rapper

Skillz revealed to

Skillz, who is signed to Rawkus, which recently entered into an arrangement

with MCA, said that most of the rap acts were destined to leave MCA and

that the proposed merger may be beneficial to the artists.

“It will probably have a different stamp on it, either Interscope or Geffen,

but Jimmy’s (Iovine) got the pick of the litter as far as what he wants to

keep. They are supposed to keep the Rawkus name anyway, because they bought

into it.”

While representives for MCA and Interscope Geffen A&M declined comment,

sources stated that the merger would turn Geffen Records back into a major,

in hopes of finding the same success the label found in the early 90’s with

such Nirvana and Guns-N-Roses.

“We were all ready to roll at MCA, but now it looks like we might be getting

better looks,” Skillz concluded.

Skillz has recorded seven new songs for his upcoming release, I Aint Mad,

and is currently on a promotional tour.

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