UPDATE: Ras Kass Surrendered

Ras Kass’ protégé Scipio has recanted an earlier account regarding the method by which his MC mentor came to be in the

custody of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department over the Memorial Day


“It turns out that the source that I received my information from was not

accurate. Ras was not apprehended in a traffic stop, he turned himself in.

He just wanted to go ahead and get this sh*t out of the way. He

accomplished what he needed to, and now he’s gonna do what any real man

would do and do his time, the n***a’s a soldier,” Scipio said to AllHipHop.com.

A representative for the Las Vegas Metro Police Media Relations Division was able to confirm that

John Austin aka Ras Kass is in the custody of the department awaiting

extradition back to California.

Additional details regarding formal charges, when Ras will be taken to

California and the details of Ras Kass surrender were not available at press time.

Ras Kass has recorded two new full-length albums due for release, including Ras Kass Presents…The Re-Up, a compilation style album featuring Scipio and others. Priority Records has already taken measures to block the album releases.

In January, Ras Kass became a fugitive from the law after he failed to turn himself in after a third DUI conviction. At the time, he was sentenced to the state mandatory nine months of time. A new sentence will not be handed down until Ras is turned over to the state of California.

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