Hot 97’s Summer Jam Wrap Up

Despite the cold weather and rain, Hot 97’s tenth annual Summer Jam concert drew over 50,000 people to Giants Stadium last night to see some of their favorite rappers perform.

While Clipse, Fabolous, Lil Kim along with Mobb Deep, Sean Paul and others took to the stage, Nas, Busta Rhymes, Eminem and 50 Cent were the show stoppers of the evening.

50 Cent by far had the most amusing set. As he crowd prepared for 50 Cent, at least 20 police officers took to the front of the stage, some wearing full riot gear.

50 started his set off with a pre-taped skit dissing the leading men of Murder Inc.

He sat at a computer screen during the skit and told the crowd, “Ladies and gentlemen, it has been brought to my attention you do not know what bitch ass niggas are.”

He then flashed what he deemed Exhibit A, which was Ja-Rule claiming he was going to give up the street life in the cardigan he wore during in the video for “Mesmerized.” 50 then proclaimed, “this isn’t hip-hop.”

He moved on to Exhibit B, which featured scenes from Ja-Rule’s hit with Mary J. Blige, “Rainy Days.” while Exhibit C featured a teary eyed Ja-Rule, from the video “I Cry.”

Two images of Irv Gotti and Ja-Rule flashed on the screen with the words bitch ass niggas.

50 came on to the stage to what seemed the entire stadium’s delight. Before he began his set, he request that his son be brought out on the stage with him.

50’s son toddled out on to the stage in a bullet proof vest, was handed a microphone and asked the crowd “What the fuck is going on?”

50 then launched into a medley of hits, backed by at least 20 of his G-Unit cohorts donning the same bullet proof vests.

During 50’s song, “P.I.M.P,” 50 was given a crème fur, matching hat, as was his son. They were both joined on stage by former pimp turned bishop, Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, who wore his traditional green pimp suit.

Eminem joined 50 as the last headlining artist. During Eminem’s set, he raised eyebrows by launching into a tirade against The Source magazine.

“What’s in this grab bag?” Eminem asked the crowd, which by this time was heading for the exits.

He pulled out his 2000 Lyricist Of The Year Source Award. “This is the same magazine that supported me from the beginning and now they shit on me!”

He smashed the award to pieces on the stage and launched into “Lose Yourself” from the movie 8 Mile.

Prior to the above performances, Nas performed to a fickle crowd, who actually booed him when he launched into his diss record to Jay-Z, “Ether.”

During parts of his song “One Mic,” the crowd grew impatient and started to boo as well, until Nas brought the legendary KRS-One out on the stage.

While Nas was rapping over MC Shan’s classic, “The Bridge,” KRS made his entrance and started his song, “The South Bronx.”

He even performed “The Bridge Is Over,” before exiting and telling the crowd to remember, “The real hip-hop is over here.”

Busta Rhymes moved the crowd like a veteran, bringing out numerous special guests including Mariah Carey, Bone Crusher, Lumidee, Rah Digga, Puff Daddy and his manservant.

Nelly and the Lunatics performed earlier in the night to an unenthusiastic crowd, who practically booed the rappers throughout their last song, “Dilemma.”

Overall the evening was entertaining and fans seemed to be pleased.

The rain couldn’t stop me from coming out and seeing 50 Cent, I would go anywhere to see him” one excited female in attendance said excitedly. “I would do this all over again!”

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