Zion I To Release Second Album This Year

Rap duo Zion I are releasing a second album and

DVD this year, fresh on the heels of their sophomore album, Deep Water Slang

Version 2.0.

The new DVD, titled Curb Servin, will

feature 9 brand new songs and exclusive unreleased remixes by the West coast’s

Triple Threat DJ, Vinroc.

"This record was made in the spirit of the

Bay Area’s fiercely independent music scene," MC Zion said. "And it

highlights the attitude of the Bay Area hustle. The everyday grind."

In addition to the new cuts, the CD also features

Aceyalone, Deuce Eclipse and D.U.S.T., Balance and Locksmith.

The DVD features a short documentary about the

Oakland, California group, featuring live footage, backstage footage, capturing

the struggles independent acts face in the music business.

"Rappin’ on the streets and selling CDs

out of the trunks of cars is alive and well here," MC Zion continued. "But

the other idea of this record is to showcase Live Up Records artists and all

the new energy emerging from the ‘New Bay Area.’"

Zion I is currently planning a tour of the United

States, Europe and Japan. Curb Servin hits stores July 29.

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