British Member Of Parliament Raps

Veteran former member of British Parliament,

Tony Benn is taking on a new career at the tender age of 78. The longest serving

Labour MP in the history of the party, will become a rap artist.

A speech that Benn made five years ago regarding

the dangers of warring with Iraq impressed record producer Charles Bailey who

set the speeches to music.

"Its wicked. Benn’s come to the studio twice

in the past week – Tony’s hangin’ out in the ‘hood," Bailey told London’s


Bailey worked on similar successful campaigns,

including anti-gun campaigns and a recruitment drive with Metro Police to encourage

more Asian and Black officers to join the police force.

Benn and Bailey said that aim of the rap record

will be to encourage young people to vote.

Benn has been one of the British governments

harshest critics. The 78-year-old holds seven honorary Doctorates from British

and American universities, has written seven books and several of his video

and audio tapes have been published.

Been retired from the House Of Commons in May

2001, after fifty years in Parliament, to "devote more time to politics."

The album is scheduled to be released at the

end of the summer.

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