Big Gipp In “Mutant Mind Frame”

Founding Goodie Mob member Big Gipp is readying

his debut album, Mutant Mind Frame and has formed Goodie Mob Records

with fellow members Khujo and T-Mo.

Mutant Mind Frame enlists the help of

fellow Dungeon Family members Big Boi, Witchdoctor and Sleepy Brown, as well

as E-40 and 8Ball & MJG.

"People always considered our music and

our presentation different than everybody else’s," Gipp said. "If

people go back and listen to OutKast’s ‘Get Up, Get Out,’ which is the first

song the public ever heard Gipp on, I call myself a mutant in that song and

it was something that just stuck with me because I felt like we were outsiders

in the music business who weren’t geared to what New York and Los Angeles were

doing at the time."

Gipp touches on a variety of subjects on the

album, ranging from the struggles African-American’s face in the United States

to paying tribute to children missing or murdered in Atlanta.

"At this point, I’m just trying to come

out and be a beacon," Gipp continued. "I ain’t never changed my tune.

It’s always been the same and always been for our people. I’m political with

my music, but you know what, we need that right now."

As for Goodie Mob Records, the three group members

inked a distribution deal with New York based Indie, KOCH. Cee-Lo, the fourth

member of the group, is contractually bound to Arista Records.

Mutant Mind Frame hits stores July 22.

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