Rodney King, The Rapper

On Thursday (June 19) Rodney King, pleaded innocent

to three misdemeanor charges filed against him, after he slammed his SUV into

a utility pole. He also took the time to reveal that he was working on his autobiography

and a rap album.

King said that his rap album is titled Rodney

King, The Living Legend. While King did not release details on the album,

this is not his first foray into music.

In 1997, King founded the Straight Alta-Pazz

Recording Company and released California Grindin’ by rap group Stranded.

King’s videotaped beating by LAPD officers in

1991 sparked the worst riots in United States history, when the officers were

acquitted in 1992. King won a civil suit and was awarded $3.8 million dollars.

King, who was high on PCP when he was beaten

by the officers, was allegedly high on the same drug when he drove his SUV at

speeds in excess of 100 mph through an intersection in Rialto, California, in


King lost control of the SUV, struck the utility

pole, ran into a fence and hit a house. He suffered a fractured pelvis and cracked

ribs. King must return court on July 9 for a pretrial hearing.

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