Cormega Signs First Artist, Prepares New Compilation, DVD

Rapper Cormega signed female rapper Donà,

the first artist on his independent record label, Legal Hustle Records.

Donà (pronounced Donya) is finishing up

her debut album My Brother’s Keeper and is featured on Cormega’s third

album, the upcoming Urban Legend album.

“Donà is incredible! I can’t

even explain how she rhymes," Mega said. "When you hear her, you’re

gonna be curious to see how she looks because she sounds like she’s real

gutter and ugly.”

In between recording the Urban Legend

album, the Ayatollah-Cormega EP and Donà’s debut album, Legal

Hustle will drop a compilation titled Cormega Presents Legal Hustle,

which will feature cuts from the Ayatollah-Cormega EP as well as exclusive

unreleased songs from Cormega’s catalog.

A DVD is also in the works that will feature

behind the scenes footage of Cormega in the studio, at concerts and will feature

never before seen videos from The Realness and The True Meaning

including “The Come Up” featuring legendary producer The Large Professor,

“Built For This,” “Get Out My Way” and “RU My N*gga.”

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