Official Statement Released By Suge Knight’s Attorney

Early Saturday morning, June 21st, outside of

Papas nightclub in Los Angeles, my client Suge Knight was attending a meeting

with Minister Tony Mohammed to work on plans for the upcoming 100,000-man March

for Peace.

Mr. Knight left the club with a group of other

people, including Mr. Mohammed, and went to retrieve his car. At this time another

patron, while waiting for his vehicle, got angry and shoved the valet.

There were numerous individuals present and many

of them have already given statements–which we have provided to the Parole

and Community Services Department–indicating Mr. Knight was not involved in

this altercation.

One of those individuals is Mr. Mohammad, who

will provide a statement today corroborating Mr. Knight’s innocence.

A week later, on June 27th, Mr. Knight’s parole

agent arrested him for allegedly being involved in an altercation. We have not

received any reports from any witnesses indicating that Mr. Knight was involved

in this or any other altercation on June 21st.

Mr. Knight maintains his innocence in this matter

and believes that, after a thorough investigation by the parole department,

he will be exonerated.

Unfortunately, for Mr. Knight, it appears that

he was arrested prior to a full investigation of the allegation. We have provided

names and statements of at least seven independent witnesses who were present

on June 21st.

The parole department apparently was not aware

that any of these individuals had been present.

We are confident that Mr. Knight has committed

no misconduct and will be completely exonerated. We sincerely hope that, after

speaking to these witnesses, the parole department will move to release Mr.

Knight as quickly as possible.

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