Beanie Sigel Charged With Attempted Murder

Beanie Sigel is in police custody and was charged

with attempted murder today, for a shooting that occurred outside of a bar in

West Philadelphia earlier in the week.

Sigel turned himself in to authorities after

the Roc The Mic concert at the Tweeder center in Camden New Jersey, in connection

with the shooting of Terrence Speller.

Sigel allegedly shot Speller in the stomach and

foot around 1 a.m. Tuesday. Police said that Speller argued with two women outside

of the Pony Tail Bar on South 52nd Street.

Police said that Speller was walking with two

people when a Cadillac pulled over and a man Speller identified as Sigel asked

the women which man he had argued with and then fired two shots at Speller.

Sigel is also awaiting trial for aggravated assault

charges and he is expected to be arraigned next week on separate firearms charges.

Sigel’s attorney, Fortunato Perri Jr., said that

his client was innocent and said that Sigel had been at the bar earlier in the

night, prior to the shooting.

Speller is in critical condition and is recovering

at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania.

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