Russell Simmons And Stan Lathan Launch Def Filmmakers

Russell Simmons and Stan Lathan are seeking filmmakers

to submit their work for consideration for acquisitions and distribution through

the newly launched Def Filmmakers Program.

Launched by the power duo’s SLMG (Simmons Lathan

Media Group), the aim of the program is to identify and nurture aspiring artists

for future projects.

"There’s just so much talent out there,

and now the opportunities won’t just be for the kids who have fathers in Beverly

Hills who are directors and have natural opportunities," Simmons said.

"They will also be for the kids who are

at home in the middle of Nebraska who will be able to show their ability without

being under the thumb of a limited vision or range. It used to be you could

walk around Malibu and get your new talent, but that ain’t gonna happen anymore.

It’s going to come from Harlem instead of Hollywood."

Filmmakers content will be distributed across

the Internet via Russell Simmons’ newly launched hip-hop channel on Kazaa, through

home video, video on demand, pay per view and festivals.

Completed short films, feature films, documentaries,

music videos, performances or interview footage for consideration should include:

1) A cover letter containing the type of content

you are submitting, total running time, year of completion, original shooting

format (35MM, 16MM, DV, Mini-DV, High-Def) and a brief synopsis of your work.

2) A VHS screening cassette.

3) Resume or Bio with contact information.

4) Any press materials if available.

5) List of festivals where your work has been


Please send submissions to the following address:

5482 Wilshire Blvd

Box #1906

Los Angeles, CA 90036

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