Security Videotape Presented To Prove Suge’s Innocent

The Department of Correctional facilities would

not respond to claims of Suge Knight’s innocence, despite being presented with

a security videotape that allegedly shows another man punching a parking valet.

The video was shot outside of Hollywood nightclub

White Lotus, where Knight was attending a meeting.

His attorney, Rose Kogeman, told the Los Angeles

Times that the video tape contradict accounts by parole officials and the LAPD.

Kogeman even brought the valet to the parole

agent for Knight, who has been detained since June 27, awaiting a hearing from

the board.

"He could see Mr. Knight in front of him

when the guy punched him from the back.

The video does show a guy walking up behind

the valet," Kogeman asserted. "I took the valet to the parole agent

for Mr. Knight on Monday."

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