Busta Rhymes To Host T.V. Special, Stars in “Blood Money”

Busta Rhymes will host a one hour special titled

"Party With Spike" on the soon to be launched Spike TV, on August


The special, which was shot in June, features

Busta at the world famous Playboy Mansion in Chicago, Illinois.

The rapper is joined by Fred Durst, Kid Rock,

Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson and Kelsey Grammer. Anderson and Grammer both

have animated series on the network, which is billed as the first network for


The network was scheduled to launch two months

ago, but was held up by a lawsuit filed by acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee. Lee

claimed that the networks name was too similar to his own and would damage his


Lee and Viacom settled out of court two weeks

ago and the injunction against the network was lifted.

In related news, Busta Rhymes will star alongside

Xzibit in the film "Blood Money." Rhymes will play a character named

Joshua Pope, who returns to Alabaster County, Alabama, to claim his inheritance

after the death of his father.

Rhymes’ character finds trouble when he figures

out that local law enforcement authorities have turned the police station into

a front for prostitution and protection.

When Rhymes’ character comes into town, the local

sheriff senses he may be trouble and the drama begins. "Blood Money"

is slated to hit theaters at the end of this year.

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