Chicago Police Apologize To Ice Cube

Today was not a good day for Ice Cube, as The

Chicago Police Department issued the rapper/director a public apology for issuing

alerts that described the alleged suspect of sexual assaults in the area as

resembling the former N.W.A member.

The police released the alert Sunday, only to

have Chicago broadcast stations simultaneously run clips of Cube’s videos during

their report on Monday night.

"We acknowledged the information should

not have been on the alert," Police spokesman David Bayless said in a statement.

"We took immediate corrective action. We apologize to Ice Cube for what

was an honest mistake and came with no ill intent."

A spokesman for the rapper said cast members

from "Barbershop 2," which is being filmed in Chicago, saw the broadcast

footage on WBBM-TV.

Ice Cube did not release an official statement.

In addition to working on the sequel to Barbershop, the rapper is in the studio

working on his Aftermath debut.

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