Method Man Not Leaving Wu-Tang, No Truth To Rumors

Contrary to reports posted on various websites,

Wu-Tang member Method Man is not leaving the clan.

Reports circulated that Method Man appeared on

Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 show recently, allegedly dissing his Wu bretheren and

that the Clan struck back on Power 105.1.

Mark Breezy, who handles A&R duties for Method

Man said that the rapper has been in Los Angeles for over a month shooting "Soul

Plane," a soon to be released comedy similiar to the classic, "Airplane."

"Meth would never air any dirty laundry

on the radio," Breezy told "We also just did ‘Ice Cream

II’ for Raekwon’s upcoming album and finishing a joint called "baby C’mon"

for new Meth’s album."

Ol Dirty, Raekwon, Ghostface and RZA will all

be featured on Method Man’s next album.

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