P. Diddy’s Band Debuts, Prepares Album

Sean ‘P.Diddy’ Combs is gearing up to release

his latest, and thoroughly promoted act, Da Band, a six-person collection of

artists from across the nation.

MTV’s "Making The Band" reality series

has had a plethora of infighting, but the music mogul stated that he was ready

for the group to show-and-prove when their album drops this September.

"You really haven’t seen a lot of music,

you seen a lot of fights and a lot of disfuctionalism, but you really ain’t

hear the music," Diddy told AllHipHop.com at a press conference before

dashing off on a cruise of the Mediterranean. "Usually I play the music

and people are pleasantly surprised in a good way. I think it’s refreshing."

Combs recently relaunched his Bad Boy Records

in a major way, snagging a # 1 pop record with the "Bad Boys II" soundtrack,

all the while taping the hit television show.

The six members of Da Band debuted on the soundtrack

with their song "Why."

On one episode, Diddy made the members walk from

Manhattan to Brooklyn to get him a piece of Cheesecake to test their loyalty.

Keeping up with Diddy’s whims on the reality

show is not an easy task, a cameraman for MTV maintained.

"We have to do double time," said cameraman

Kenny Hull. "We have to get ahead, get behind and get all the shots and

make it look pretty. You don’t even think about [the walk to Brooklyn], because

you are just doing your job."

According to Diddy himself, there is more in

store for both fans and Da Band members.

"We feel like its gonna get big as the show

starts to get more and more intense. These shows have really just been a preview

of what’s to come."

Making The Band 2 airs every Wednesday on MTV

10 p.m. EST.

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