Philadelphia Mayor Prevents Mystikal Performance

Philadelphia Mayor John Street prevented rapper

Mystikal from performing in a play last night.

The Mayor’s spokespeople said that the rapper

was not a proper role model for children.

The rapper was scheduled to perform at the Dell

East in Cordell Moore’s "Something She Can Feel," but spokespeople

for the Mayor said that Mystikal "isn’t an appropriate role model for the

young people of Philadelphia."

Moore’s musical stage play features cortically

acclaimed actor Leon, Lavan Davis, Bill Hill and Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band

and has traveled throughout the country.

Mystikal, who recently pled guilty to rape charges,

was replaced by another artist.

Street is involved in a controversy of his own.

At a block party in Philadelphia, the mayor recently praised a man arrested

for dealing drugs.

Edward "Joe Joe" Terrell, 42, has been

arrested for selling heroin, marijuana, crack and assaulting police officers.

He recently opened a local T-shirt store.

"If there’s anybody out there who, whether

you’re involved in illegal activity or not, if you want to start a business,

we’d like to help you," Street told the crowd at the block party.

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