Pras “Resigns” From Fugee’s, Prepares Second Solo LP

Ex-Fugee member Pras has officially dashed any

hopes of a Fugee reunion album, due to the differences that he and ex-group

member Wyclef cannot put behind them.

""I officially resigned from the group.

I feel like he crossed the line that he wasn’t supposed to cross," Pras

told "As a man, I can’t turn back, for the price of my soul,

and be like it’s all good now. He got it f*cked up."

Clef released a scathing diss aimed at his former

friend, called "Fake Ass Pras."

The diss alleges that Pras owes Clef publishing

money for writing his rhymes and that Pras’ role as a member of the Fugee’s

was very minimal.

Pras said that Clef begin to suffer from an inflated


"That used to be my dog. Cats used to call

us cousins. We used to be everywhere together. He started feeling himself. He

was like, ‘I’m really the hot n*gga.’ You not on my level n*gga, I’m not feeling

you.’ It ain’t about cars, b*tches or money," Pras continued.

Pras is preparing a new album on his own label,

Guerrilla Entertainment and a new crew, Guerrilla Task Force.

The first album is Pras’ second solo album, Coldfire.

which is slated to drop in the fall of 2003.

"I been getting my sh*t together. If you

go to war, you gotta get your tools together.You can’t go to war with a handgun

when ni*ggas got missles. I’m ready to step forward."

As a member of the Fugee’s, Pras, Clef and missing

in action group member Lauryn Hill sold over 17 million copies of their sophomore

effort, The Score.

Despite the potential sales a reunion album could

bring, Pras said that the reunion album would not happen, due to Clef’s attitude.

"N*ggas not checkin’ for Clef like that

and he’s not doing anything to fix it," Pras continued. "He thinks

that he’s almighty Clef and he can do whatever the f*ck, but its not like that."

Coldfire. is slated to drop in the fall of 2003

and features cameo’s by Sheek of The LOX and Sean Paul.

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