Baby & R. Kelly On “Best Of Both Worlds 2,” New Juvenile Album

Bryan "Baby"

Williams is collaborating with R&B star R. Kelly to produce Best of Both

Worlds 2, which the rapper said will feature an all star line up.

"It’s still

early in the recording process," Baby told "It’s gonna

come out on Cash Money and his label, Rockland. So far it’s just his folks and

our folks."

The album will

be Kelly’s second attempt to record a collaboration with a rapper. His first

attempt was with Jay-Z, but the album was marred by allegations that he had

sex with an underage girl and taped it.

The allegations

prompted Def Jam to pull the plug on the first version of the album.

In addition to

the R. Kelly collaboration, Baby said that Cash Money is preparing to release

albums from Lil Wayne, The Big Tymers and Juvenile.

While Juvenile

is back with the label, producer Manny Fresh revealed that it was strictly a

business relationship, as opposed to the camaraderie the rappers seemed to share

when Juvenile had his breakthrough hit "Ha," from 1998’s 400 Degreez.

"He’s back

on Cash Money, but it’s just a business deal," Manny Fresh said. "He’s

putting out an album but there are still issues that need to be worked out."

In the summer of

2001, Juvenile said that Baby and his brother, Ronald "Slim" Williams,

cheated him out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and vowed to never record

for the label.

"Man Listen.

No one leaves Cash Money Records," Baby told in August of

2001. "There is only one way to leave Cash Money Records. The way you walk

in, aint gonna be the way you walk out."

Juvenile has had

his share of legal woes since his recording hiatus. He was arrested three times,

twice for assault and once for drug possession.

No release date

has been set for his album.

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