Outkast, Biz Markie Help Launch Shandon Anderson Foundation

Outkast, Biz Markie and a host of NBA stars are

set to join New York Knicks’ Shandon Anderson August 29-31st, to help launch

his philanthropic endeavor, The Shandon Anderson Foundation.

"Actually the foundation has been in existence

for three years," Anderson said. "This is the first actual event because

I wanted to make sure I took the right direction."

The first event, "The Shandon Anderson Foundation

Presents the John Madden Tournament," will take place in Atlanta. The weekend

activities will feature complimentary amusement park rides and a barbecue, an

auction of sports memorabilia which will even include the 1996 Olympic Basketball

autographed by the original Dream Team, a large party and more.

"It just seems like the perfect thing to

me," Anderson said. "We’re creating a series of rounds where any individual

will have the opportunity to play the video games against a celebrity. In this

way, we will be raising funds for the foundation via the entry fee and individuals

will have a chance to get to know their favorite celebrities by playing against

them. That’s much more than just asking for an autograph."

The tournament will advance in several stages

at different venues which will culminate on that Sunday at the well-known, ESPN

End Zone site in Atlanta.

Proceeds benefit Shandon’s Youth Retreat, a special

series of field trips aimed at developing youth between the ages of 10-14 years

of age and follow their development until the age of 18.

"I was raised helping others, so it was

just natural for me to create a vehicle to give back," Anderson said.

Derrick Fisher, Deshawn Stevenson, Jarvis Hayes,

Jagged Edge, Chico Debarge, Sam Cassell, Terrance Edwards, Ray Buchanon, Nick

Anderson, Dominique Wilkins and more are slated to attend and compete.

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