Police Seek To Question Man In Regards To JMJ Murder

According to sources,

the NYPD is seeking to question a man in connection with the murder of Jam Master


Sources told AllHipHop.com

that police in Hollis, Queens have been asking about man named "Yaqin,"

who is originally from Queens, but resides in Baltimore.

Yaqin has been

described as a close family friend of Randy Allen, Jam Master Jay’s longtime

business associate.

Allen is under

investigation by the NYPD for his lack of cooperation in regard to the murder

of Jam Master Jay.

Published reports

have said that Ronald "Tinard" Washington, who lived in Jam Master

Jay’s Queen’s recording studio, claimed that Jay’s murder emanated from a drug

deal gone bad.

Sources stated

that Washington, Jam Master Jay and Karl "Big D." Jordan were fronted

10 kilos of cocaine worth $180,000 from a drug dealer known as "Uncle."

Jam Master Jay’s

driver, Chris Run and the men drove to Baltimore and Yaqin never paid for the


This incident allegedly

happened in June 2002, four months before the DJ was gunned down in his Queens


"Until they

get Randy and Lydia to talk, these things don’t matter," a source speaking

on the condition of anonymity told AllHipHop.com.

"These things

were well known and that’s what’s troubling. It may turn out that none of this

has anything to do with Jay being murdered. A lot of people are acting like

this couldn’t happen and they knew all these dealings were going on. Why the

police didn’t know this or investigate any of this is amazing. The investigation

of all these theories should have happened in November of 2002. The police were

lazy, and they are getting heat for it now."

While the police

may make an easy target, some of the information pertaining to Jay’s murder

originates from Washington, who is also a suspect in Jay’s death.

In addition to

allegedly hoping to cash in on the reward money, Washington has allegedly been

contacting various people from Queens, hoping to snag a book deal or screenplay.

In published reports,

Washington fingered Karl "Big D." Jordan and his son, Karl "Noyd"

Jordan, Jr. as the main suspects.

Washington claims

that he witnessed the Jordan’s enter the studio and shortly heard gunshots afterwards.

Jordan Sr. has denied that he or his son were involved in the shooting.

Authorities suspect

Washington may have served as a lookout for the triggerman.

Jordan Jr. is currently

being held for attempted murder, after allegedly shooting Jam Master Jay’s nephew

in the leg, in an incident sources stated had nothing to do with Jam Master

Jay’s murder.

Sources also stated

that the elder Jordan attempted to gun down Washington just days after Jam Master

Jay was slain.

"It’s not

just the police man, it’s also the people that were close to Jay. I mean granted,

some of this may have been hidden out of love for the man and his family, but

they are partially responsible for this mess and dragging his name through the

mud. Had they come forward with more information, some of the other skeletons

may not have fallen out of the closet."

October 30 will

mark the one year anniversary that Jam Master Jay was murdered.

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