Gangsta Boo To Leap Into Alternative Music

As she is slated to

release her next album, The Soap Opera, Gangsta Boo has revealed a possible

change in her musical course.

The gangsta rapper

is best known for her rugged, sexual lyrics from her days with the Three Six

Mafia, but the Memphis, Tennessee native said her next foray might be into alternative


"I want to

get into the alternative side more because I listen to everybody from Michelle

Branch to Norah Jones. I’m like really, really into the alternative field like

a whole, whole lot," she told

"I really

want to get more into writing, the opportunity to be more behind the scenes,"

she continued. "I will probably be one of those that write and produces

[alternative music] behind the scenes instead of actually being on the forefront."

Until then, the

rapper is preparing The Soap Opera for an October 14 release date.

This album is the

singer’s third after dropping 1998’s Enquiring Minds and 2001’s Both

World’s *69.

In an effort to

better control her career and her incoming, Boo has founded her own label, Crazy

Lady Entertainment.

"I’ve got

a great situation here and a real street management as well," she said.

"We doing a bunch of great and honest stuff."

Boo is looking

to do movies, guest appearances and releasing rappers under Crazy Lady in addition

to her prospective alternative music career.

Boo admitted her

readiness to return to rap, but also expressed apprehension with such a lengthy

layoff from the scene.

"Coming back

is the scary part. I still don’t realize how many fans I still got there. I’m

just so regular. I don’t look at myself as a rap star that started at 16 and

is now 23," she concluded.

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