Trina Robbed Of $300,000 In Jewels, Clothes And Items

North Carolina police

are seeking to find a con artist who stole more than $300,000 in cash, jewelry and clothes

from rapper Trina.

Trina was performing

Friday morning at Club Dynasty in Greenville, North Carolina an unidentified

man posed as Trina’s manager and persuaded a Hilton hotel employee to give him

a key to the her room.

Investigators are

looking at a hotel security tape that shows the clerk and the suspect.

According to reports, the

tape quality was in question, but was the only solid lead in trying to identify

the suspect.

"Sixteen years

in the business and this has never happened," Trina’s real manager Mike

Hopkins told the Daily Reflector. "That’s why we stay in places like this

for security reasons. We don’t stay nowhere below four-star hotels."

Employee’s of the

hotel said because if the sheer number of people coming and going from the hotel, it

was nearly impossible to distinguish who was with Trina’s entourage and who


"We’re mortified;

nothing like this has ever happened before," Hilton general manager Rhesa

Tucker said . "This is a very secure facility, and we take all measures

to make sure that every guest and their belongings are safe at all times."

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