Rappers Star In “20 Funerals,” Outkast Not Touring

Production started

last week on a new independent film, "20 Funerals." The movie, which

will feature cameo appearances by Outkast’s extended family Killer Mike, Big

Gipp and Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz, is a crime drama.

The movie is based

on four police officers, who take the law into their own hands after a fellow

officer is murdered and embark on a journey to purge Atlanta of crime.

The movie features

a local cast and is directed by Anghus Houvouras, who also directed "Fearsome."

Swirl Films is

also the company that produced Big Boi’s DVD, "Big Boi’s Boom Boom Room,"

which is in stores now.

In related Outkast

news, in a recent interview, Andre revealed that hip-hop music no longer stimulates

him and that he would not be touring to support their upcoming set, Speakerboxx/The

Love Below.

"I don’t feel

the music the same way I did when I first got into hip-hop, loving it, loving

writing lyrics and studying other people’s lyrics," Andre told The New

York Times. "Back then all I would think about was beats and rhymes."

Andre moved from

Atlanta to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career and has taken up the clarinet

and saxophone and is contemplating enrolling in a music school.

"The next

time I perform on stage, I see myself playing in a band," Andre continued.

"I want it to be a total departure from Outkast."

Andre’s decision

not to tour didn’t effect group member Big Boi’s ambitions to support the album

by hitting the road.

"If he decides

not to tour, it’s all good," Big Boi said. "He knows I’m going to

go on the road. Ain’t nothing better than the crowd’s reaction to new music."

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