Former Spook’s Member Water Water Killed

Former Spooks group

member Jerel Allaine Spruill better known as Water Water was fatally injured

in a car accident outside of Washington D.C. early Saturday morning.

Water Water was

part of the Spooks when they released their groundbreaking, critically acclaimed

Antra/Artemis debut S.I.O.S.O.S. Volume 1.

The album spawned

a hit single and video, "Things I’ve Seen" and reached gold status

in Germany, Belgium, France and Sweden before being re-released in the United


The rapper was

working on a solo project at the time of his passing, according to Spook’s member

Booka T.

"What Water

wanted to do was totally different from what we usually do," Booka T. explained

to about Water Water’s exit from the group. "He wanted to

go on a totally different path and he felt that the best way for him to express

himself in that way was to work on a solo [project] and we were like cool."

"He was a

warm and caring person who had a great sense of humor," said Water Water’s

good friend Chris Brown. "Water was also extremely focused, goal driven

and gave100% in everything he did. When we first met, we both use to rap and

he would talk about breaking into the industry and releasing an album. For years,Water

continued to stick with it and work hard and finally became part of a group

who released and album and video that got worldwide exposure. I am deeply saddened

by Waters passing, and my prayers go out to his family."

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